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Posted by MyLivinteam on August 15, 2022

We usually take a moment and look back at the memories because when a firm decision is been made of leaving your own hometown and starting a new phase of life it’s quite difficult. As every year more than 100000 students enroll themselves in the university away from there home town.
Due to the lack of knowledge about the another city learners are been misguided through the different sources which unwillingly leads them to choosing the wrong accommodation for themselves. That’s one of the major reason why students prefer to choose Hostels provided through the university or the institutions. This usually may or may not fit in their expectations bucket and budget so to resolve this problem a website and the App is been designed which is known as MYLIVIN. The app and the website will be a guide to the students from across the country towards the accommodation needed by them. Now the question arise what will be that one role that website and the app would be playing ?

*The website or the app will bring all the PG’s and Hostel on a single platform. The major issue faced by a learner is that there are plenty number of websites and app to deal with providing Accommodation to every type of customer but not particularly students which indirectly leads them to showing less or no interests in these website. As it creates complications for the one who require a PG or Hostel while they switch to find a hostel by themselves. But in our case it’s totally opposite we are working for the category of students only while making all the PG’s and Hostel available on your finger tips. Now when we Elaborate this statement it is defined as that the customer from different places would be able to choose from the wide number of option available. While we will make it available to you through the following customer benefit:

Effortless differentiation
We undoubtedly provide you with easy ways of comparing and filtering to determine you to discover and extract the best possible deal for yourselves as per your requirement.

Customer support system
Before even commencement of any thought that creates doubt for you our team is here to resolve it. We have a secured customer support system that is always on the edge to help you through email, Contact support and more.

when to pay and how to pay? We have introduced easy gateways for the payment while you can utilize this as an wonderful option.

Offers are essential
Determining and providing the exclusive offers which will automatically leads to obtaining client’s satisfaction.

Customer review
This creates a base for the other customers as a guide. While it helps the website and app to grow more in positive way as it acquire your experience with us.

In summary the website is well designed for the one’s who is looking for a well defined second home. While youth of our country would be major part of this website as offering you with the best will lead us to the growth.

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