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What is the Difference between PG and Hostel

Posted by MyLivinteam on September 8, 2022

“Staying away from home is not your cup of tea, You will have to face a lot of problems to survive in another city, Where will you stay?” If you are also hearing all these things which indirectly create complication while taking a decision. Then we will guide you through this as we will be helping you to choose what is better for you a PG or Hostel. we will let you about the difference in detail so that you can make a wise decision.

It’s full form is Paying guest which is defined as that you would paying someone who already owns the place or property .which can be also said as that you will be living in someone else property while you have to pay the rent for the facilities and accommodation which would be provided through them. such as electricity, water housekeeping ,food etc. PG could be found with single or sharing concept which means that you might have to share a single room with two or more people. The idea of PG is basically introduced for the one who wants to stay near the institute or university and wants to save the travelling time and cost.PG charges can be fully dependent on the facilities and location served by the owner. Some of the properties are fully been converted into the PG for business purpose while some of them allow few of the of the rooms for the purpose of PG although they do stay at the property so that they can have a extra earning.


  • You can get a flexibility of having a freedom as most of the PG’s don’t apply any sort of time boundation. The only thing that you have to do is enter the check in and check out time in their books.

-You can do socializing as you might feel homesick living away from the home isn’t a easy decision. So you can make new friends and spent time with them which might not replace your home like feel but it would definitely help you to overcome the homesickness. While you can also get a chance to interact with new people timely.

-Usually PG’s are been placed near the university , markets, malls, libraries, hospitals, medical stores, restaurants and commercial hubs so that it won’t be time consuming for you to travel from one place to another for your requirement.

  • PG’s maintain quite safe and secure atmosphere for the students who’s parents are bit more concerned about them. Some of the PG’s even follow few guidelines to ensure your safety.

-You will be provided with the limited facilities through the owner which means you cannot expect much from the owner.

-Since many of the PG’s are been owned by the families so they might make a decision that is not in your favor and this can create conflict between you and the landlord.

-PG’s are quite expensive as compared to the hostel and may also include some of the undeclared expanses too.

The hostel is been developed for the young people who are staying from the home for the purpose of studies or an office work. Hostel is somewhat similar to hotel the only difference you will find is people do share the single room with one or more persons at a time. Staying in a hostel is romanticised part for anyone’s life as you interact with new people while experiencing new things. Hostel are usually inexpensive as compared to the other accommodation. The owner usually don’t stay at the property as it is been build on business basis and they hire the staff for all sort of services which will be provided through
them. Hostel do access you with extra facilities to encounter comfortable stay.

-You don’t have to deal with the owner or pay out more for anything which is not been mentioned by them. such as meals, Electricity cost is already been pre decided by them, water etc.

-Most of the hostels provide security assurance so that you can feel free about anything or everything.

-The hostel are usually located near the institute or University to save your time and money.

-Hostels are much more affordable as they will be allowing you with lot of facilities at a minimum cost.

  • Most of the hostel access you with the 3 time meal services so that you won’t have to control your appetite for a long period.

-Sometimes there is privacy issue due to sharing of the single room by two to three people you might find it a bit uncomfortable.

-Not all the hostels will provide you with a common bathroom but some of them do provide you with a common bathroom.

So that’s all for all the details about the hostel and pg. We hope that this would help you out to bring yourself to a conclusion of choosing what is better for you. But if we talk about our opinion than we would definitely suggest you to go for any as every accommodation will have their own pros and cons everytime .At last you won’t regret choosing a pg or hostel because they are providing you with number of services at affordable cost.

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