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How to Reduce Home Sickness

Posted by MyLivinteam on October 23, 2022

“Ghar ki Yaad aa rhi hai” This whole sentence contains a lot of emotions and attachments which cannot be brought to an end. Living away from your family is the biggest challenge someone could face as being surrounded by the people who love and care for you definitely can bring tears to your eyes. it’s the only point where individuals start to understand how important it’s to stay in another city for their future success. Now you are leaving your parents, friends, and loved ones behind that just give goosebumps that you will be not able to enjoy the meal cooked by your mother, You will not be laughing at random jokes with your friends Now only you will be treated as a few days guest whenever you will visit home since your family would be aware of it that you will be leaving soon again. But this obviously does not stop you or your family from loving each other. In this whole blog, we would be letting
you know with some of the best ways to overcome homesickness while living in a hostel or in another city.
It’s quite normal to feel homesickness as we are listing a few ways to cure it:

1>Explore your city or area
That’s one of the finest and most helpful ways to cure homesickness as being new to some place will definitely lead to the curiosity of knowing more about the place. One major reason for homesickness is you hardly know anything about your city. We would suggest you go for a walk, Travel around the city by local buses and taxis. Make friends who are already familiar with the city so that they can guide you through it.

2>Stop spending your whole day in the room
Yes !! you read it right the more you spend time alone the more you feel lonely. Step out of your room make new friends, go for a random walk, and do some active activities which are fun to you. Since all these ways will not make you feel like you have been quarantined within a place. Make a balance among the things so that you can focus on your goals.

3>Pen down your feelings
This might seems like boring but if you feel like that you can’t share your emotions just pen them down. Since pen and notebook are your best friends they won’t judge you nor they will console you but still, this will help you to feel light. As writing, your emotions help in overcoming your emotions which are overflowing due to the reason of holding them for a longer time. You can use this way and feel free to express it.

4>Stay in touch with your family
You should not cut contact with your loved ones in order to overcome homesickness they are the only ones who can help you out through this. Technology is now been so great source of connecting people from different places even if you are sitting miles away. Do a video call since it’s the best way to see them face to face, You can text them randomly or become a personal vlogger for them this might sound funny but yes you can do this too. You just need to record random videos and click random pictures and send them to your family and friends this will let them know how you have been doing. This can also include your breakdown as they are aware of it so no need to hide it and let them console you in your hard times.

5>Stop being busy the whole time and have some rest
Homesickness is basically caused due to stress. You just can’t keep yourself involved the whole day in random things to avoid homesickness this will only lead to making it worse. So just need to feel your emotions as it is meant to feel not to be ignored. Just take some time out of your busy schedule and spend a good time with yourself. Just like you can have a good sleep, Watch a movie on Netflix, Go on a coffee date, Do activities you love, etc. This way you can just feel a bit refreshed and keep moving.

But this all does not state that homesickness can be overcome in these ways it’s just like that these will help you keep moving and stay motivated so that you don’t give up. You are living at a place not just to learn but also to make memories we would suggest you make good ones so that when you remember these days It brings a smile to your face.

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