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How MyLivin Creates Difference

Posted by Myliving Author on August 21, 2022

“Creating a difference” the statement itself defines that standing out of the crowd and bringing up something that would be unique. Basically in the world full of competition and people with entrepreneurial mindset assumes that having a solution to every type of problem is necessary but till the time the issue faced by someone is not personal the one would be least bothered to find a solution for it.
So Mylivin is a website and app that would create difference to it’s opponents. Generally learners hardly prefer to rent a PG or Hostel through online sources because it’s less reliable and more complicated for them. There are number of website that contributes to provide accommodation but at the same time they have numerous drawbacks such as-

*No definite target audience
There are several website that works with no target audience. Just an elaboration to the statement would be that these website deals with every type of customer base the one who wants to buy a land, the one who wants to rent a apartments and many more. But still the problem is not been resolved as students are not found as the target audience that’s one of the major reason why learner’s doesn’t prefer any website regarding PG or Hostel.

*Works with different business model
The main motive of these website are the people who wants to buy a home, rent a apartment or being a broker to the builder. They do provide PG’s and Hostel yet they have no or few clients in this field reason behind that is they hardly advertise or promote to rent a PG or Hostel from them. As they are more focused on other clients.

*Details about nearby places is not been provided
The most importantly the websites working for providing accommodation barely grant information about nearby places as someone who is unfamiliar to the place and city have to face a lot of difficulties Well this has become major issue as the property might be affordable for the person but it does not consist of basic requirement such as shopping marts, Grocery stores, Salon, Cafes etc. Which definitely create a regret for renting a property through these website. Though google do deliver information related to nearby places but usually it’s incomplete or far from the location shown in google maps.

Now how Mylivin is way more different then these website and how it will help you to achieve best possible location for you
*Having a definite target audience
We are working only for the category of students and for us it’s our responsibility to deliver the finest PG and Hostel to you at affordable price. As having definite target audience gives you vast reasons to relay on us while choosing any accommodation through us won’t create complications for you and our customer support system is here to assist you through every difficulties.

*Working over a single business model
As we are not working in different sectors so it’s crystal clear that our main motive would be providing PG’s and Hostel to the students who are joining any institution or universities away from there hometown so that they can find themselves a second home in more convenient through us.

*Details about nearby places is prior
We would be letting you know what all are the things that would be available near you. It’s one of the most important aspect while choosing accommodation for yourselves as it’s going to be your second home for a long period of time so knowing that the things you required are easily accessible or not. While we will simplify this for you.

Furthermore we will be dynamic in nature as per your preference and suggestions as we work to serve you with leading services and your choice matters to us.

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