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Expectations v/s Reality in Hostel

Posted by MyLivinteam on October 16, 2022

Expectations the word itself gives you different types of emotions such as happiness, excitement, and of course disappointment. But in reality, this consumes a bit of your time to accept but in the end, this is the only truth. Now if you have been watching all those series and movies which show how amazing is hostel life then we would answer it as no it’s not like that as it’s been shown. That’s why when you start a series in the premier it is always mentioned as not based on reality. We are definitely not creating a fear inside you of living in a hostel but all those misconceptions should be cleared which misguide you and in the end, you are disappointed with your own expectation. The years which you will spend in the hostel would be one of the most memorable moments of your life. so let’s begin with this what is your expectation and what actually is reality?

  1. Expectation: Your roommate is your best companion
    Reality: You and your roommate hardly have a conversation due to different mindset

Yes!! this is true it’s not at all necessary that your roommate would be as nice as you. of course not since you might share a few of the things with your roommate as you felt lonely but it does not mean that he or she cares for you and look at you the same way you do. There are many situations where you would love to hang out with other people not with your roommate as it’s not at all important that like in every college-based movie you both become best friends so you do it too.

2. Expectation: “I love to keep my room clean I just can’t bare an unmanaged room”
Reality: ” Since one week I have not cleaned my room”

That might sound a little funny but it’s true that due to your busy schedule you won’t even get time to clean your room. It all depends on you that how much time you take out from your schedule to keep your room clean. What if your roommate is clumsy there are many aspects of every problem but cleaning your room on daily basis is not necessary since you are living alone just keep it organized. This will help you to concentrate on your work and will teach you how to manage your time. So in the conclusion, it’s absolutely okay to be a little clumsy.

3. Expectation: Now you have all the freedom to enjoy and party all-day
Reality: Assignments and exams don’t allow you much time

Since you have been dreaming that living away from home will allow you freedom and you will be able to enjoy your life by hanging out the whole day then you might be wrong. Because assignments are a real challenge for students and they have to cope with them within the provided period otherwise they create a burden. Another aspect is that you might enjoy your freedom for a few days or months but after some time you will start finding it quite boring to party or hang out all the time.

4. Expectation: Eating your favorite food and snacks without restriction
Reality: You miss your daily meal which used to be cooked at home

It’s a common fact that students might enjoy outside food for a few days but after a point of time, they would miss the food which is been cooked at home. You just can’t get a homemade taste from the food cooked in a restaurant. Since there is plenty number of tiffin center which claim to provide home cooked food. But they cannot bring the mother’s touch in the food as they only serve you with services, not with love and care.

There are many more myths about the hostel life which is been heard by the people but it’s not all true this definitely does not mean that you will be not able to enjoy your hostel life. There are a lot of things to explore throughout your journey since it’s all about gaining experiences with all the chapters that are meant to happen.

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