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Essential things to pack for hostel

Posted by MyLivinteam on September 11, 2022

“My room” the word itself states a place that is your comfort zone. But as now you are going to switch this room in another city and maybe you have to share it with someone who is completely unknown to you .Definitely you will be required with a lot of things that will give you a room like feel. So we are going to discuss what all are the things you need while shifting to a hostel. This will be a guide to what to pack and what not to so that you don’t create clutter in your luggage. here are the things listed below:

1- Toiletries
It is one of the important thing to carry with you as you might not like to share your soap with someone. One of the factor is hygiene and that’s not at all accepted by your roommate to always share his/her things with you.

So make a note that you do keep these things in your luggage
*Shower gel and soap
*Toothbrush and Toothpaste
*Trimmer or Shaver

You just can’t pack whatever you like because might be in another city the temperature may differ so to avoid extra expanses on clothing. You should pack what you will use commonly and occasionally.

such as
*Pair of socks at least 2
*Face towel and Bath towel
*Formal clothes for official meets
*casual clothes for college (Jeans, T-shirt ,Tops ,Shorts etc.)
*Cap if you go out with you friends
*Ethnic wear for festive feels as you might not able be to celebrate all festivals at home

3- Medicines
This is must to remember as even while living at your home you face problems regarding heath so precaution is foremost. You can carry medicine regarding headache ,stomachache , bandages , Pain relief spray, Sanitary napkins etc. The medicines you are carrying should be prescribed by the doctor so that you don’t suffer through any problem.

4-Washing powder
In case you are not availing the laundry services this will be much needed. Even if you are availing than also you should carry detergent with you so that you can keep your clothes clean for hygiene purpose.

Filling up the space with lot of things won’t help you out. As people usually do make these mistakes of packing more footwear and realize it afterwards that it wasn’t even needed. So you should carry limited footwear such as
*Formal shoes
*Casual shoes

It is not even much required but if you feel like that you would cook by yourself sometimes than you can carry it with you. Such as Plate, Spoon ,Fork, Bowl, Glass and Water bottle.

If you have a habit of making your own bed than this is essential for you to take these things with you.
*Bedsheets at least 2
*Pillow covers

It’s not much required but if you are really concerned about the security of your luggage than you can carry locks. As hostel do provide security regarding your things.

You will be required with a lot of things in electronics so here are some of them to checklist
*Power bank
*Ear plugs
*Iron just in case of emergency
*USB Cable
*Extension board

Apart from all these things you might required some of the things such as you can ask your mother to pack home made snacks for you so that it would be healthy and will help you to satisfy your small time appetite. Next is Umbrella , Extra Notebooks ,Safety pins, Thread and needle. You can also carry some of the extra things that suits in your comfort zone.

We expect that this will now help you to create a check list so that you don’t miss any of the things while packing and you can make sure that your essentials are not been forgotten by you.

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