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Do’s and Dont’s of hostel life

Posted by MyLivinteam on December 25, 2022

We all follow some sort of rules at every place or we call it do’s and don’t every place has it’s own required some sort of decorum. In the same way hostel required few do’s and don’t which make it easy for you to live. So in the further lines we are going to talk about what are the things you should do and not do at hostel.

Do’s at hostel
*Do check the lights of the room is turned off before leaving the room. Even the taps should be checked twice so that it don’t leak in your absences.
*Be a little more friendly to your other hostel friends since they can help you a lot in learning.
*Try to keep your phone on silent mode when your roommate is studying.
*Share your snacks with your roommate since you guys are sharing a room it would help you to make a bond or improve it.
*Try to keep your stuffs organized so that you don’t need to worry while you are getting late.
*Keep your windows and gates open when you are not using air conditioner to not to create suffocation.
*Try to avoid alcohol and cigarette in your rooms.
*You should share your experience and learn from your roommates experience everytime.

Don’t at hostel
*You should not keep much valuable things in your hostel room.
*You should avoid arguments or not to argue over silly topics with your roommate.
*Don’t talk loudly in the room if you live with a roommate since it might annoy them or disturb them.
*Don’t use your roommate products without asking in the beginning of the stay.
*Don’t enter in the private space of your roommate since it makes them uncomfortable.
*Avoid playing loud music use ear plugs instead.

These all are the things which you should keep in my mind while you are staying in hostel. Even do’s and don’t depend on your roommate so it’s not necessary that you have to follow it. Things will change if you are living alone in the room.

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