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Common Rules and Regulations in Hostel

Posted by MyLivinteam on October 30, 2022

There is always a manner that needs to be followed at every place to maintain decorum. So as now you are going to live in your alternative home means a second home or can be called a hostel. There are a few rules and regulations which need to be followed they are basically common among all the accommodations. It’s quite simple and on the point that currently you may be living with your parents, they must have set some boundaries for you which are required not be exploited by you at any cost and in case it happens then it becomes quite difficult for you to face the circumstances. It’s somewhat like similar to your home you just don’t require to cross the boundary for your own safety reason. Since you are living in an unknown city the Hostel and PG premises hold some responsibility towards you. We will be introducing you to some of the rules and regulations below:

-The room allotment is been done by the Hostel authority. So the students are expected not to change their room means shifting their stuff to another room just because they feel it’s more comfortable for them. In case they really want to change the room or exchange the room with someone they need to tell the Hostel authority about it so that they can help you out through this. In most the hostel, a written application is been accepted to change the room and you need a valid reason for that.

-Since you are leaving your home behind you might not have people to take care of you around if you are suffering from any sort of disease. You need to tell the Hostel authority that you are been suffering from a particular disease and they have a complete right to know about your current condition so that in case of an emergency they can reach the appropriate medical help. So this is a very important aspect which needs to remember.

-Most of the hostels don’t take responsibility for your belongings so all they ask you is to carry some of the locks to keep your belonging safe. Try to avoid expensive things which are not useful to you for better safety.

-The students are strictly commanded not to create any damage to the furniture which is been provided by the Hostel. It’s strictly prohibited by the hostel premises and if you do so you would be charged for the damage which is been occurred due to your mistake.

-There are many hostels that restrict you to carry any of the electrical appliances with you. So you need to follow their instruction and if you feel like any of the electrical appliance is necessary for you then you can ask them to grant permission to you. usually, they access you with almost everything in the hostel itself.

-It sometimes happens that the common property is been lost or damaged so in that case it would be recovered through the hostelers in an equal ratio. So that none of the students have to face the issue regarding the property as it’s common among everyone living in a hostel.

-There is also one of the most common rules that the students are not allowed to carry or keep a pet in the hostel. As might be the other person living the next door or in the same room might not feel comfortable with it. So in case if you are an animal lover then you can feed and play with stray dogs.

-Students are strictly not allowed to smoke, consume alcohol or take any type of drugs in the hostel. This will be unaccepted so be a little careful if you like to consume such things because you might need to face several issues due to this.

So, that’s all for the rules and regulations. As every hostel follow different rules case you want to know more about it then you can get perfect detailing from the hostel in which you will be involved.

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