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A Hostel That Build on Graveyard

Posted by MyLivinteam on December 4, 2022

This is story is based on a true event that took place at the united Christian hostel, Jalandhar. This incident describes the story of a 14-year girl who faced paranormal activities and even witnessed it too at her hostel.
It was a gloomy morning the girl named Zara was sitting on the bench which was located inside the campus of school. It was her first day in the hostel she was a bit nervous as she did not know anyone at the place. That’s when someone tapped on her shoulder” Hey are new here by the way it’s Nidhi” Zara turned around with a voice and smiled back while she answered, ” Hey it’s Zara Ahmed”. Nidhi sat down next to Zara as she was also shifted here just a few days ago and did not have anyone to talk to. Within an hour Zara and Nidhi became so close as their vibe matched each other.
There is the backstory behind the hostel which was that the hostel was built with a backyard that was actually a graveyard the students had to believe that there are spirits around the hostel and maybe within the hostel too. Even many of the students witnessed something which seemed paranormal.
Zara and Nidhi became very good friends, as well as they, were roommates too but with 2 more students because each room was allotted to 4 students. The very same day Zara was sleeping in the room at night her bed was near the window she felt as if someone is walking near her she panicked a little and thought that maybe any of her roommates got up for drinking water but she moved her head and found everyone sleeping peacefully. She was terrified by the incident and covered her face with the sheet while she keep on feeling someone’s presence near her. The next morning Zara told this incident Nidhi who wasn’t even surprised by the incident as if she already knew this. Zara asked her what was all this while Nidhi answered
” It’s nothing new here the hostel is built near the graveyard and everyone has experienced this since day one just put on the sheets and sleep don’t think much” Zara was not satisfied with the answer. The days passed and Zara was not able to sleep even one day properly. One night Zara was feeling the cold wind hitting her face, again and again, she removed the sheets and saw the window wide open she stood up from her place while she walked near the window. The very next thing that she saw left her in shock she saw 2 kids standing right down her window they both were looking up her heartbeat dropped as she shouted out loud. Everyone was shocked to see Zara screaming continuously while Nidhi was consoling her while hugging her. The incident made Zara very terrified and she stopped sleeping near the window. Again days kept on passing Zara became very close
to Nidhi with each passing day that’s when an incident took place and changed her whole life.
It was night time everyone was sitting in the mess that’s when suddenly a power cut occurred. Everyone asked the hostel representative to bring candles Nidhi was been appointed as one of them. Nidhi and the other girl walked to the store room but were unable to find the candle that’s when another girl saw the light and a candle was burning in the corner.
Nidhi walked near the candle to grab it while another girl followed her from behind. Before Nidhi could pick up the candle someone grabbed her hand out of nowhere and Nidhi started shouting and screaming as if she was dying. While the other girl ran out in rush the whole hostel was been terrified Zara tried to visit the store room but the student stopped her.
After a few seconds, Nidhi’s voice was been faded away. Everyone rushed to the room and found Nidhi unconscious. Zara was very concerned about her 3 days passing and Zara found out that Nidhi is been sended to a mental asylum as she became mentally.
The very same day Zara got to know the thing she decided not to live in the hostel anymore as she was mentally exhausted from the incident. The incident was never been stopped over there.

*Zara and Nidhi are not the names of the girls who faced this.

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