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8 Tips for Better Hostel Life

Posted by MyLivinteam on September 19, 2022

Leaving behind when this word crosses your mind it creates an image of letting go and this is the phase when you are going to leave your comfort zone, family, loved once, your favourite place and everything behind to begin with a fresh new chapter. All this is for your good so that when look back after years you can cherish these memories and feel immensely happy that you created one. But to make these memories more memorable and better you need to understand few of the things or tips that will help you to make your stay great at the hostel.
Here are some of the tips that will guide you to explore more of you in your hostel life.

  1. Caring begins with sharing
    You just can’t keep on resisting the things with your roommate always because this will indirectly lead to conflict and personal grudges. Of course that’s true to the word that there should be a personal space for somethings. Asking them a lot and offering your hostel roommate nothing doesn’t sounds good so you can share few of the things which you feel okay with such as food, stationery, clothes etc. and then if we look about the things you can’t share don’t hide it from them just make it clear in good manner that you don’t like to share few of the things. In this way you can maintain your relations well with the your roommate.
  2. Get a habit of doing basic life chores
    If Since your birth you are living with your parents and never stepped out then this is important for you to learn some of the basic life chores. The students usually do face this problem especially the one is always been pampered by everything. As you will be not having anyone by your side so you need to know few of the chores such as washing dishes, washing your own clothes, cleaning your room etc. But still it’s not the topic to worry much as it will take a little efforts some mistakes and here you go .You have finally learned how to do life chores.
  3. Don’t get in conflicts
    That’s what our parents teaches us always. This absolutely doesn’t mean that don’t take a stand for yourself but just avoid unnecessary conflicts that can disturb you mental peace. You will be not always finding people with the same mindset so this will bring disagreements between you and the person so to avoid any conflict keep mum where ever needed. This will maintain your happy vibes and mental peace.
  4. Saving penny is good
    Try to create a budget so that you can think before you spend all your money. As you are living at unknown and new places you are definitely required with money for emergency. The allowance you are getting is basically provided through your parents so if you spend much you might empty your pocket before time. So keep a track on your spending so that you can save a little more penny than usual while staying in the hostel.
  5. Be a part in college events as much as possible
    Keep your self involved in as many activities you can. This will help you to polish your skills and learn more about different fields while staying in your field. This will also add advantage to your CV as it creates a strong impact in front of the interviewer. You will also get to know how to deal with the people with different mindset.
  6. Look over your health
    You are not having your parents by your side to take care of you and your health. So in this case you have to look over this all by yourself means sleeping on time, If you have any sort of any health problem than you should look over it on timely bases and Avoid the unhealthy habits like consuming alcohol, Junk food etc.
  7. Socialise little more
    Keeping your circle small is important but at the same time you should not feel lonely when those people are not available. Home sickness is most common between students living in the hostel. So to avoid these situation you should make lot of friends and keep yourself busy in every aspect so that you can get to know people well.
  8. Be responsible for your belonging
    You are responsible for your things as you should be the one to look over your belonging and take care of it. You can use locks to ensure safety of your belonging because you just can’t simply blame your roommate if something went missing.

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