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5 Things Every Fresher Should Know

Posted by MyLivinteam on September 25, 2022

You are finally going to begin with a journey which will feel exactly like a roller coaster ride. All the up’s and down will always teach you a lesson that will help you to become better person in personal and professional life. If we look over the college life than this will for sure hit a little different than any other phase. It might be challenging in the start for you but with the time you will find it more interesting and that’s the route of you to create endless memories.
“You are leaving the place behind which helped you to grow”
School the word was your complete world. You never knew that there is a lot more to explore in this world rather than a 7 to 2 school. College life too have it’s own essence to make your experience bloom in many ways. As now you are going to enroll yourself in college you might have a lot of planning, an ambitious dream to become what you dreamt of but before joining there are 5 things that you should know that will help you to become a part of the unfamiliar environment .
These are the 5 things you should take a look at.

1.Don’t let your result decide your whole career
You might be a topper till your school time but it is not at all necessary that you will continue these grades over here too. College and university have different marking scheme to understand it in better way just prepare as per your understanding level. We are definitely not telling you that your marks don’t matter it do matter but remember that their will always someone who would be superior than you. So just don’t let your competition sink into you because everyone has their own interest, hobbies, specialization that makes them unique. So just focus on learning that’s more important and maintain some good or average level of grades to reach your goal.

2.Don’t put yourself under pressure
Being new at any place will always make you think that you have to give your best. But this will only give you pressure to work like a workaholic person and forget about the fact that it’s not benefiting you in any way. If you really want to build your reputation than work on those things that is within your interest or the things you like this way you will be able to impress particular people. The fact is true to the point that you cannot impress everyone there will be always someone who would be unhappy with your work so work accordingly.

3.Stop saying yes to everything and anything
As you are unfamiliar to the peoples intention so stop yourself or control yourself from saying yes for the things you are not comfortable with. This will only make things difficult for you. Start putting this one habit of analysing the situation before appearing on decision making. As long as you analysis the situations you will realise that will it trap you in any sort of problem or not.

4.Reel and real is two different world
If you are also imaging the college life as fantasising as bollywood than we would suggest you to bring yourself to the reality. Not everything you watch on your screen are true those are just fictional things. College life will not be always about enjoying rides, bunking classes, Eating with your friends, roaming around and bothering about anything. Boom!! you became successful this is all lie you would face a lot of problems, suffer through all hardships alone because it’s your journey . You will find a lot of people who will teach you a life lesson to not to trust everyone around you. In short it’s about gaining and losing that you thought that you would hold for whole life.

5.Do what makes you feel alive
You would find a lot of things that you always wanted to do but never got a chance in your school days . So without any second thought enroll yourself in that activity. It’s not necessary that your friends will join you in everything so be a little more independent and make decisions keeping yourself in mind. Don’t let others opinion make you step back from the things you love. Creating an opinion is a very common among the people but it won’t last long so don’t stress yourself for what people will think if you do this or that.

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